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Make Money Online With - Chitika is a pay-per-click advertising program which is free to join. The greatest benefit of Chitika is that it can be used in conjunction with Google Adsense to add another way to earn money from your blog. There is no conflict with Google Adsense because Chitika only serves non-contextual ads. 

Chitika charges advertisers to be featured alongside your site's content. At the end of every month you are paid based on the previous month's earnings (Net 30). Payments are sent after your account earns at least $10.00 (USD) for PayPal payouts or $50.00 (USD) for checks.

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A Good Way To Make Money With Your Blog?

Chitika works best when (1) you have a lot of incoming traffic from search engines, and/or (2) you have a product oriented website which people come to when looking for particular kinds of products (i.e. a review site). Additionally, you can make money by referring people to Chitika. That won’t work for everybody, but for some it can.

For best results with Chitika your Blogger blog needs to receive a significant portion of its visitors from USA and Canada as ads are only served to that traffic stream. In addition your US traffic has to arrive at your blog via a search engine. No ads are displayed to non-US traffic however an alternate ad (such as Google Adsense) can be displayed if the alternate URL feature is enabled.

Chitika advertising and Google Adsence can be placed together on the same page?

Chitika claim a higher CTR (click through rate) in Chitika vs Adsense debates but I think you will have to try this for yourself. I have had good results with Chitika on the blogs I have added a mega unit to. Whether the returns are slightly higher for Chitika ads or not the most important aspect in my book is that they both can form part of your blog monetization strategy.


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